Monday, 1 August 2011

Goodbye July, hello August!

July was a Big Month in terms of life changes for me:
+ I graduated from university!
+ I moved to Southampton to live with my boyfriend in our own flat.

And yet, despite these Big Things, it was a bit of a let down of a month:
- I didn't find myself a job
- I caught chickenpox (I still haven't found the culprit who infected me. And probably never will)
- My watch battery stopped. I am lost without my watch. So I wore it anyway, which frequently proved confusing.
- The weather was terrible. I know Britain has an awful track record with summer, but that was just taking things too far. There was barely any sun.

But now it's August and good things are already happening:
+ It's sunny and WARM. I'm wearing a short sleeveless dress without tights or a jacket and I wasn't even a teeny bit cold when we went out!
+ Dan put down some money on a car today (he'll be test driving his new friend on Wednesday, and can hopefully bring him/her - we haven't decided yet - home by the end of the week!). SO excited to have a car again. We'll be able to go food shopping and on day trips and errands without having to ask his nan to take us!
+ I found a good standard white shirt in Sainsbury's for a job interview I have on Wednesday. It's more difficult to find a short sleeved white shirt than you'd think if you're not near a Primark. All the high street shops are too concerned with this 'fashion' nonsense to meet the needs of the interviewee who just needs a plain old white shirt. Nothing fancy, thanks; no frills, no silly buttons, no stretchy fabric, none of it.
+ My mother sent me her spare watch (which is mighty similar to mine), because I refuse to pay £13 to have my battery replaced when my uncle - who owns a jewellery shop - can do it for free.

I'm hoping that by the end of August I'll have a job, as well as a second job lined up for sometime next year. I think August could turn out to be a good month, yo.



  1. You caught the chicken pox? That is super random!

    But that sucks big time. I remember those being just dreadful when I was little.

  2. Aww I hope u've recovered from the chicken pox now..

    And, good luck with your job interview!!
    Julia @ Retro Jules

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment, Emma! Sounds like you have some really awesome things going on this August. Mine seems to be taking on quite an exciting shape as well!

  4. @Miss Sassy Pants - Yeah, it was SUPER random. The doctor pretty much laughed at me during her diagnosis.

    @Julia - Yep, I'm all well again! And thanks!

    @Teryn - You're welcome :)

  5. Oh, my goodness! I've been praying for the sun/heat to let up here, lol! I'm ready for fall so I can wear tights and sweaters :)


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