Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Recently [7]

+ I'm back in Cardiff for a couple of days before I jet off to Colorado for a midwest road trip with my parents. SO looking forward to it. I get to FINALLY see Mount Rushmore, which has been on my 'must see' list for so long, and I get to go back to Boulder for a couple of days and hopefully meet up with of my wonderful friends there. Plus, I get to wear summer clothes. Always a good thing.

+ I had my hair cut today, and decided to do something a bit different. So, at my mother's suggestion, I had a full fringe cut in.

I really like it! I'm not sure how good I'll be at the general fringey upkeep, but I love how it looks so I'll deffos make the effort.

+ Yesterday was my first day off in 11 days. I am a crazy person who finds herself agreeing to work all kinds of hours. It's a good thing I like my job, isn't it?!

+ I've FINALLY got around to booking my one way flight to Orlando! It's now less than 100 days until I move to Florida (it was 3 months yesterday!), and I still hadn't actually booked my flight. I'm not sure why. I was slightly putting it off, I think. Anyway, one girl in my arrival group booked her flight, and since I wanted to make sure I
a) got a reasonable price for the flight and
b) was on a flight with at least one person I know
I went for it! So, come October 16th I shall be on a plane on my way to spending a year in Walt Disney World!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hey strangers.

Wow, so it has been FOREVER since I last posted an entry in this blog of mine. I'm not entirely sure what happened; I was always so eager to update and then one day I just ... wasn't. It felt like a chore and that's definitely not what I wanted blogging to be. So I stopped. I'm not sure if I'm back for good, or if this is just a temporary stop over, but I'm here for now!

It feels as if quite a lot has happened in my life since I last posted, but really not all that much has changed.
I was planning on leaving my job as a food & beverage assistant at a Holiday Inn at the end of June (when my tenancy on the flat that I shared with Dan came to an end) to move back to Cardiff to live with my parents until I move to Florida. I had a leaving do (complete with some extremely drunken colleagues!) and everything. But as the time for me to leave got nearer I realised I just wasn't ready to leave. When I mentioned this to my boss and some co-workers, my lovely friend Holly said,
"You can live at my house! We have a spare room!"
So, I stayed. I'm now living in the guest room at Holly's house and I'll be leaving my job (actually leaving this time!) at the end of September. It's all a bit strange how things turn out.

Another of my co-workers, Tom, read my blog (hi Tom, if you're reading again!) and told me it was boring because "there's no posts about Spiderman." Now, I probably won't start posting about Spiderman, but I read back some entries and he's right; my blog is pretty dull. I think I was trying to hard to make it like so many blogs that I have massive blog envy over. Maybe I just need to try and be ME for a bit. Because, actually, I think I'm pretty decent.

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