Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Jobs. Part 4.

So, after my last jobs post, I emailed the guy who interviewed me at the Holiday Inn, explaining that I'd had a couple of other interviews and when was the latest I could give him an answer about the job (this was on Wednesday)? He replied saying Monday 22nd (yesterday). Okay, cool, quite close, but a fair amount of time.

So I rang the hotel where I'd had the receptionist trial shift. The woman who interviewed me wasn't there, but the receptionist told me she'd give her the message and ask her to contact me. She didn't. On Sunday, I rang again, and luckily the phone was answered by the woman who interviewed me. I explained my situation, and her response was to tell me, basically, to take the other job. Right, okay, thanks for getting back to me. Ugh. I understand that they needed to interview other people, but it had been FOUR WEEKS since my initial interview. I don't think I was asking much to be given an answer one way or the other. Did they really think I'd only applied for that one job? That's ridiculous.

Anyway, straight afterwards I emailed the Holiday Inn accepting the job. I emailed on Sunday, feeling all good because I was emailing the day before my 'deadline'. But it's Tuesday and, at this point, I haven't received a reply. The guy who interviewed me has, previously, been super good about emailing back promptly and it's making me a little nervous, I'll be honest. What if he thought I wasn't going to accept the job, so he gave it to someone else? And yes, he could just not have been in work, but if that's the case, why didn't he give me the deadline as a day when he'd be in the office?

I'm probably just being silly, but I REALLY NEED A JOB. I have > £50 in my bank account, which is not a good position to be in. If he hasn't emailed back by this time tomorrow, I'll give the hotel a call. In the meantime, I'm going for a walk in the rain (oh British summer, you've really been a let down this year).



  1. Emma, I feel your pain. Job hunting is a b!tch! It's so frustrating to come out of university with a degree, which gets you nowhere when you go out into the real world, because we are lacking in exprience. I wish had known that experience is far more valuble than a degree in the real world! Good luck with your job hunting! xx

  2. Girl I think it would be okay to go ahead and call now. It shows that you are serious and really want this job. That man needs to understand you need an answer!

  3. Jenni - It's so frustrating, isn't it, having a degree but having nothing that actually gives you a stepping stone into a job! It seems you can either have the education or the experience, not both.

    Liz - Haha, I'm glad you said this, because I totally did! I'm too impatient ;)

  4. I hate job hunting so I feel for you. I can be so frustrating! Some people are really bad about getting back to the people they interview and it's really pretty unfair. But I'm sure it'll work out for you!

  5. Chin up, I'm sure everything will be fine. Keep us posted on what happens tomorrow.

    xoxo, Nali

  6. I feel your pain with trying to find a job, I’ve been trying to find a part time one since June! I’m sure there’s a good reason that ‘Holiday Inn man’ hasn’t got back to you yet, fingers crossed you have the job!x

  7. oh no, this is exactly the sort of thing that happens to me, any sort of communication error that can go wrong generally does : /
    Maybe they've been his days off? As don't places like the holiday inn etc do shift work so he could have random weekdays as his weekend? Hopefully it turns out good!


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