Thursday, 4 August 2011

Jobs. Part 2.

A while ago, while desperately applying for any job that seemed to be within a reasonable distance from my flat, I applied for a job as a Trainee Business Manager with McDonald's. I had no particular desire to do said job, but it seemed like a good graduate job with good pay, and it wasn't as if I had many other job options, so I applied.

I managed to bullshit my way through the online form, and apparently they liked me enough to ask me to fill out an online personality test. They still liked me (why? Who knows), so they asked me to an On Job Experience day. Which I went to yesterday at a McDonald's in Croydon (why did I have to go all the way to Croydon? I have no idea). There were 5 of us, all a bit apprehensive as we had no real idea of what we were there for.

The day consisted of us doing various tasks, including trying out 5 jobs within the restaurant (well, 'trying out' might be a bit strong. We watched someone else do the jobs), and coming up with a business plan for a fictional failing McDonald's restaurant.

Now, before the day, I wasn't all that keen to go. 'Do I really want to be an assistant manager of a McDonald's store?' I asked myself. 'It's good pay!' But, frankly, that - and being able to put 'assistant manager' on my CV - was the only thing it had going for it. So I went to the OJE hoping that it would make my mind up either way. It didn't completely. I didn't hate the day. But neither did I love it. If anything, it reinforced my belief that there was something slightly depressing about McDonald's. Don't get me wrong, I can see that they treat their employees well, and that it would be a good temporary job to have. But as a career? No thanks. Even the two managers who were interviewing us - who had been there for 16 and 17 years - weren't exactly a beacon of happiness.

But my problem was that if I got through to the final stage, and even got the job, I'd feel like I had to take it. Not because I'd feel bad turning McDonald's down (oh no!), but because, no matter how soul destroying it may be, it is a good job. The two advantages I mentioned above are pretty damn convincing advantages. I just wasn't sure I wanted to take it.

So this morning when I checked my email and I had an email telling me
..."we regret to inform you that after careful consideration, we will not be inviting you to attend the next stage of the recruitment process."
I won't lie, I was relieved. I don't have to work in McDonald's! Hooray!

And so the job search continues ... I should probably ring the hotel I had the receptionist job interview at, but I keep putting it off ...



  1. That is very mature and good of you to at least keep seeing the bright side of the job! All things happen for a reason and I think that way a great learning process for you - but definitely not your calling ;) Keep on keepin' on girl! XO

  2. i would be relieved too. don't think i could work for a fast food place.

    love, little.

  3. Hi i just found your blog and i love it! I know this feeling soo well, i've just graduated uni and I am reli struggling to get on the job market. The jobs i'm applying for are getting further and further from my dream job!!


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