Thursday, 11 August 2011

Guest posting + fajitas.

This week I went from being a guest post virgin to guest posting on two blogs!

My first guest post was over at Kaley in Japan on a post called Emma's Stateside Travels, in which I talked about the travels I did while I was living in Colorado.

The other guest post was over at Jess's blog Life ... Live It! in her 10 Simple Things series. I listed 10 of my favourite simple things that make me happy.

You should go and check them out, yeah? Cool.

And - in unrelated news - here's some photos from Tuesday night, when Dan's family came to ours for dinner:

Collage - fajitas1
Collage - fajitas2

We did a Mexican food buffet, with chicken or beef (and a whole host of other fillings) to go in wraps, and some cheesy nachos and dip. It was rather delicious, though I say so myself!



  1. Looks yummy!

    Hi there btw! Saw you on British bloggers on 20-something. Love your blog and adore your polka dots! (My personal fave)

    Check mine out and say hi :)

  2. Congrats on guest posting! And dinner looks yummy.

  3. Fajitas are so great and easy to make. I actually ate them a lot when I dieted. Olive oil and whole wheat tortillas though. And no cheese of course. :/


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