Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Stay safe.

As I'm sure most of you are all aware, there has been rioting in London for the past 3 nights.

It's also spread to other cities, like Birmingham and Manchester. There have been rumours of riots in Southampton, but so far nothing seems to have happened, which is a massive relief.

Some people are trying to come up with justification for why this is happening, why these people are doing this, but let's be honest, there is no justification. It all started because of the shooting of one man, but it's nothing to do with that any more. These youths are simply acting out and rioting because they want to. There's no political message behind this.

Two girls in Croydon were interviewed and asked why they were rioting, and their answer basically consisted of,
"Yeah, it's because of the rich people. And the Tories, innit, or whoever it is. Whatever, it's the government. It's coz of rich people that we got nothin' and we're showin' them. Yeah, it's coz of rich people."
Excuse me, WHAT? You don't have a clue. Shut up and go home. Stop destroying people's lives.

Stay safe, everyone. Let's hope this ends soon.

(all images from Boston.com's The Big Picture)



  1. Hi! I find your blog through tea breaks. I'm up in North West London so have been lucky that my area has hardly been affected at all. I've thought about blogging about this myself but I literally can't put into words how I feel about it all. It's shocking stuff. Stay safe to you too.

  2. Chaos can be pretty powerful. When there was riots in Seattle because of the WTO the same type of idiots were out storming Nike Town and trashing Starbucks.

    Stupid people.


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