Saturday, 30 July 2011

Photo post: Eastleigh

Today Dan and I went to Eastleigh (the nearest town to us without going into Southampton centre) to look for a shirt + shoes for me to wear to a job interview, and to do some food shopping. I didn't do a very good of documenting the trip (I wasn't going to take my camera at all, but then Dan went, "You could take pictures of us on the bus and in Sainsbury's!" so I took it, intending to make more use of the fact I was lugging it around with me), but we go to Eastleigh fairly regularly, so it wasn't a particularly 'special' outing.

The bus stop by our house. I quite enjoy its old building-y-ness.

Dan and I being silly on the bus (me so more than him, apparently) / the shoes I got. Yes, they're old granny shoes, but they're perfect for what I need, plus, they're super comfortable. Comfort > style.

Dan eating an oyster ice cream thing (only £1.20 from a Mr Whippy van! Bargain!) / our super healthy looking trolley (before we added two tubs of the half price Ben & Jerry's)



  1. u sound so happy and settled. love it and yes u are defo coming to brum with me next time xxxxxxxx


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