Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Day Out in Winchester.

Yesterday Dan and I went for a day out in the city of Winchester. A friend of Dan's was playing with his band at a pub in the evening, so we decided to make a day out of it, since I'd never been to Winchester. As Dan had rightly guessed, I really liked it. It was wonderfully quaint and British.

Collage - Winchester1
Winchester cathedral

We arrived and had a late lunch in Wetherspoons, then Dan showed me the cathedral and the 'cat grounds', where he used to get drunk with his friends while he was in collage. My boyfriend is a classy guy.

Collage - Winchester2
Guild Hall / The Mayor's House (yes, someone actually lives in this mini castle)

Collage - Winchester3
A statue of King Alfred (that apparently has two left feet, although it was hard to see if this was true) / The West Gate

Once we had explored the centre, we headed to the pub for the band night. It was a fun night. Simon's band were really good, and since almost all of the crowd had come to see them it gave the whole thing an intimate feeling.
Plus I got to drink my Strongbow with a curly straw (but didn't take a picture, for shame), which obviously makes for a good night. Oh, and the toilets had this machine:

Condom machine

I was amused (but no, I didn't buy one. Not that I wasn't tempted!).

Dan and I bought a kebab and ate it at the station while waiting for the train home. Unfortunately we didn't pick up a fork so were forced to eat this very messy food with our hands - we must have looked far more drunk than we were! I think Dan's classiness (or, you know, lack of it!) is slowly rubbing off on me ...



  1. Hi Emma, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comments are much appreciated, especially since I'm in a bit of a posting slump lately. Ha!

    Also, "tickler fundoms"? AWESOME. That is all. :)

  2. Winchester looks lovely! I want to visit overseas so bad. Hopefully next summer. And the fundoms are hilarious!

  3. Those things are awesome! I'd buy like 10.


  4. Wow, it's hard to imagine living in something like that. And those fundoms are hilarious!


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