Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A serious post.

Back in this post I mentioned that something was going on in my life that I'd talk about properly a bit later. Well, it's now that time. Aren't you excited?

So, Dan and I have split up. We were together for a year, and it was a great year, but in the past few months I'd grown to realise that my feelings for him were more platonic than romantic. And as wonderful a person as he is, I just couldn't be in a relationship with someone that I don't feel romantically attracted to. It's not fair on me or him.

We're still having to live together because our tenancy doesn't end until July next year, so it is a bit of an odd situation. If our flat had two bedrooms it would make it a lot easier, but it doesn't. Neither of us can afford to pay for the rent on this place by ourselves, which means that neither of us can afford to move out either so we've just got to stick it out for now.

I'm not sure what's going to happen come July - will I stay around here but move into a place by myself? Will I move back to Cardiff? Will I move somewhere else entirely? I really don't know. Still, that's over 6 months away yet, so I'm sure something will work itself out.


  1. Ah bless you! :( If you want to chat then send me an email - Im only down the road from you afterall!!! xx

  2. Oh no! You seem very sensible about it though despite the living arrangements. I hope you are ok and that everything else is going swimmingly (I am terrible at advice) xxxx

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the break-up but I think it's great that you are so in touch with your feelings about it. But living together must be soo hard! Wishing you the best and much happiness going forward :)

  4. That was about to happen to me last year (move in with boyfriend), gladly did not because we broke up and he's caused issues this fall, but over now! I hope.
    good luck with your..predicament? (idk if that's the right word)

  5. Sorry you guys broke up. Is it awkward still having to live together? :/ I know my ex and I tried to stay "good friends" after ending things, but it ended up being really bad and we just couldn't be around each other anymore. I hope that doesn't happen with you.

    I would ask if you could have a friend move in with you, but if it is just one bedroom then I don't know how that would work.

    I'm sure you will work it out! Keep us posted! :)

  6. I'm sorry. Your comment on my post was very meaningful. Just realize you have time and you are always loved : )


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