Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Merry (belated) Christmas!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! It certainly looks that way from all the blog posts I've just trawled through, haha.

My Christmas was a bit of an unusual one. It was the first Christmas I've not been at home in Cardiff, and I was really upset about this. Although I wasn't working Christmas Day, I worked until 6pm on Christmas Eve, then had work at 8am on Boxing Day so really didn't have a chance to go home. Luckily my parents are wonderful and came to spend the day with me.

We managed to rustle up a quite delicious Christmas lunch despite my teeny kitchen, and our afternoon entertainment was provided by a music + film quiz book my father received, and a viewing of family favourite Airplane! You know those films that everyone in your family quotes? Airplane! is definitely one of ours ("I picked the wrong day to give up smoking!" and "No stopping the red zone" are particular favourites). That and Some Like It Hot.

I got a lovely - and strange in some instances (multivitamins and stain remover, just what I've always wanted!) - selection of presents. Definitely looking forward to starting on that bottle of Irish Cream Liqueur ;) In fact, I might have a glass now while watching the Big Fat Quiz of the Year. What a life!


  1. That's the funny thing about growing up.. you get everyday items like stainremover ( or in my case, shampoo, conditioner and a saucepan) as christmas gifts!! Glad you had a nice day !

  2. Merry Christmas.


  3. Some Like It Hot is so amazing.

    Glad your parents got to come see you!

  4. I definitely need to watch "Some Like it Hot". I would say my family movie would be "A Christmas Story" (Fragile, it must be Italian!) and "The Breakfast Club". <~ Obviously grew up with a single mother lol

  5. Haha you're hilarious... stain remover! :P Actually to be fair, I wouldn't say no to some febreze!

  6. Hahaha the multi vitamins may prove very useful one day! It must have been nice to see your parents :) I LOVE AIRPLANE, it is amazing. xxxx


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