Saturday, 3 December 2011


I can't believe it's been a week already since I went to London to meet up with my girl friends! Seriously, where does the time go? I feel like time has been going by extra quickly since I've had a job. I measure my weeks by days on a rota, which runs from Friday to Thursday of the following week, so I'm all messed up. It doesn't help that my days off don't often fall on a weekend, and that I don't necessarily have two days off next to each other. Sometimes the only way I can figure out what day it is is by looking at my rota and thinking 'well, I wasn't in yesterday morning, so today must be [insert day here]'. It's quite the confusing work schedule!

I made the most of my (begged for) weekend off last weekend by visiting the Good Food Show with my mother and then on Sunday going to London to see some of my lovely girl friends.

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I got to see Katie's engagement ring in the flesh (as it were) for the first time! She's been engaged since MAY (yes, I did just got allll the way back on her Facebook profile to check!), and I haven't seen her since before then. Isn't that terrible?

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We went to the Forever 21 on Oxford Street, which I was super excited about because I have a gift card for the shop but ... I was disappointed. It didn't fill me with that 'OHMYGOD MUST HAVE EVERYTHING' feeling that the stores in the States do. Something was lacking. Hmm. I did come away with some earrings, though, so it wasn't a total loss.

Since I failed at finding a dress for my birthday while I was shopping in London, I did some online shopping instead. I acquired two LOVELY dresses from that I'm super excited to wear. I might do a post on them. And the earrings. Ooh, you're all excited, right? Right?

P.S. For those of you who commented on my last post asking, I'm not sure you can call the things going on a 'good thing', but ... well, I'll save it for a proper post about it!


  1. Sussex hoodie ftw! I still have mine :p I don't always find F21 that good either. Nice you got to see your pals, and the good food show, yum! xo

  2. I'm super excited to see your dresses, I've never ordered off boohoo! I'm glad you had a lovely weekend off! xxxx

  3. well maybe still undecided. i mean i'd jsut rather get home late. no its being an old lady but i would rather wake and just already be home and not have to worry about getting back. dont worry. it'll still be fun.

    see u soon x


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