Tuesday, 6 December 2011

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+ When I got home from work the other night, Dan had put up a bunch of Christmas decorations that he'd bought from Asda, including an adorable tree that was only £3.75! It's actually black, but you can hardly notice that with the tinsel and baubles on it, so it doesn't matter!

P1070596 edited
P1070597 edited

+ While I was doing the washing up earlier I decided to put the Wicked soundtrack on. I was obsessed with Wicked when it first opened in the West End back when I was 17 or 18 (I went to see it when Idina Menzel was in it right at the beginning, and it was amazing. She signed my programme and everything), but I hadn't listened to the soundtrack in AGES.
For some reason I found myself humming 'Dancing Through Life' this morning, so on the soundtrack went! I know decidedly too many of the words to all of the songs so I was belting them all out, wonderfully tunelessly I'm sure! Doing the washing up is made infinitely more fun by singing "THERE'S A STRANGE EXHILARATION, IN SUCH TOTAL DETESTATION, IT'S SO PURE SO STRONNNNNG" obnoxiously loudly.

+ I've been eating a lot of these biscuit cake things from Lidl:

They are GOOD.

+ It's my 23rd birthday in exactly one week! Eek, 23. That sounds properly old. When I was younger and my mother told me that you never feel any older, no matter how old you get, I found that hard to believe. I was convinced that your personality moulded to the age you are. And, yes, I suppose it does in some ways, but that's more about the life experiences you have rather than the actual age you are. I feel just the same now as I did at 17. A little more world-wise, maybe, and a little more confident, definitely, but for all intents and purposes, very much the same girl.
I'm going back to Cardiff for my birthday, which I'm really excited about. I get to go and dance and get drunk with my girl friends on the weekend, then it's homeward bound on Sunday for some family times. I'm definitely going to make the most of my (just under) week off work.


  1. I recently turned 23 and felt that it sounded old too! 21 is so exciting, 22 is just one year on, but 23...! 23 is actually well into your 20s - now I'm a 20-something! In reality, your mum is abslutely right being 23 is no different from 22 :-) Happy birthday when it comes around

  2. chocolate+gingerbread? Yum! I know what you mean about 23 sounding properly old. I just hit the big 2-3 this august :) but I feel 19 still (or less even).

  3. Wise words from your mum, I still think I'm 18... You Christmas decorations are cute and bless your boyf for putting them up!! xxxx

  4. I LOVE Wicked, I always sounds like a right loon when I sing along all the different parts, doing both Glinda and Elphaba haha.
    I'm going out in Cardiff tonight, party!


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