Sunday, 2 October 2011

Summer in October.

Hasn't the weather been AMAZING the past couple of days? I love it! Today was literally my idea of 'perfect weather' - warm enough to have bare legs and arms, but without being so warm that you (well, I) start sweating. I loved it. I wish all of summer had been like this. I'm much more of a summer girl than autumn/winter. I'd almost accepted that autumn and winter were fast approaching, but with it being so glorious the past couple of days I think it's going to be so much more depressing when I have to start layering up!

Dan and I decided to go and have a pub lunch in the sunshine today, since we have the WHOLE DAY together. It was a good idea.

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Afterwards we grabbed ourselves some ice lollies from a nearby shop and sat and watched people coming and going from the shops by our house. Not the height of sophistication, true, but it was such perfect ice lolly weather, how could we not?

I went to London yesterday for a friend's birthday meal (I'm sure there'll be a post about that soon!), so this weekend has been quite lovely. I wish I had every weekend off. Sigh. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend too!

P.S. Thank you for all your lovely comments about my new blog design! I'm glad you all like it as much as I do :)


  1. CUTE PICTURES! looks like a lovely day!

  2. Woa-oh that food looks GOOOOD! now im hungry. :P

  3. the weather has been extremely perfect!! i love your photos!

  4. Heya! Thanks for your feedback :) it made me smile. I love your newly decorated blog, its so pretty! :D x

  5. Aw I miss being in the UK and having pub lunches! How nice that it's so warm!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, it's so nice to hear that you've been reading it!

  6. I am so jealous of that weather!
    It's supposed to be spring and we've had like 2 days of proper sunshine. What is wrong with this weather?!


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