Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hair cut!

I FINALLY had a hair cut. I've needed one for ages, but I just haven't had the money to get it done. And also partly because as much as I needed it done, I was putting it off because I'm not a massive fan of having my hair cut. I always find it a slightly awkward experience, and since I never have anything wild and crazy done it doesn't quite seems worth it (I've never even had it professionally dyed or highlighted). But anyway, I had to suck it up and go for it because, really, the ends were deader than dead.

New hair
Excuse the strange angles - that's what happens when I ask Dan to take photos for me!

I had quite a bit cut off (a good inch and a half or more), so the ends are all nice and healthy now, yay!


I was at work for 10 hours yesterday, fun times. I've got tomorrow off, and 2 of my friends are coming down to visit which I'm muchos looking forward to. Even if it will be a bit cramped in this flat with 4 of us here!


  1. Pretty! I love your swoopy bangs and curls! I just had my hair done last week for the first time in a year - I can't stand spending that kind of money on hair and sitting and making small talk for 3 hours straight.

    Boyfriends are the funniest about taking pictures - you should see some of the shots Devon takes, I love him, but I swear it's like he just pushes the button without thinking about it. :)

  2. That looks nice! :) Where did you go to get that done?! xx

  3. looks lovely hun. have a fab time seeing the girls. and again thanks for ur kind words. always means a lot. xxxx

  4. Cute! A new haircut is always refreshing. And it's true, boyfriends are just impossible when it comes to helping take blog pictures.

  5. seen the feather hair trend? been rockin' it since june...highly recommended. it makes your hair automatically cool w/o you having to try. just a though. although, with this haircut, your hair is already cool...


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