Sunday, 23 October 2011

Date night.

It's half term this week, so to celebrate Dan completing half a term of being a real teacher, and because I had Friday evening and the whole of Saturday off, we went out for a meal and drinks in Frankie & Benny's, yay!

This is what I wore: (cue standard 'in-the-mirror' shot)

P1070214 edited

Not too dressy, but it was COLD out, and I've never been one for fashion over warmth. That's just crazy to me!

I love Frankie & Benny's. There's such a yummy selection of food, and the cocktails there are super strong and delicious too. I was planning on taking photos of all our courses, but after two glasses of the Long Beach Iced Tea (like Long Island Iced Tea, but with cranberry juice instead of Coke), um, I forgot!

P1070226 edited

On the bus I realised my lack of pictures, so I tried to take some, but the bus wouldn't stop moving. How inconsiderate.

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Dan cooked me a full English breakfast in the morning, because he's super lovely like that :) We went for a walk in some fields afterwards, but I'll save that for another post (something for you guys to look forward to, haha).


Last night I got to Skype with Sam, one of my best friends from my year in Colorado. We talked for over two hours, and it was so lovely to catch up. We hadn't spoken in far too long. I really miss that girl. Long distance friendships are tough.


I'm guest posting over at Mary Rebecca's blog today, so you should check it out!


  1. I love your hat, really suits you :) Sounds like a lovely night. aww that's nice you got to catch up, one of my best friends is in Mexico and we skype every now and then too.

  2. Hiya! Just wanted to let you know I've passed a blog award to you on my blog :)


  3. Love Frankie and Benny's, and Long Island Iced Tea is my fave cocktail - and I agree totally with you on how strong they are!
    Hope you had a good weekend! xx

  4. The cocktail looks yummy - I had one or two on friday as well. Your boyfriend is so nice cooking you a full breakfast in the morning! :)



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