Saturday, 29 October 2011

A night out.

My caps lock button is only working about 40% of the time. This is frustrating.


Two of my friends from university came down to visit me on Thursday, and it was SO good to see them. We did a bit of shopping (I bought some black wedges from New Look that I didn't reeeally need, but I didn't have any going out wedges so it's okay) before coming back to mine, eating, getting ready and getting our drink on with some Crunk Juice Juce.
Has anyone else tried this stuff? It's imported from the US and is SUPER STRONG. I'd tried the grape and fruit punch flavours before, which were both revolting, but the watermelon wasn't quite as bad. It was drinkable, at least!

Georgia's first sip was not a pleasant one.

I'd never been out in Southampton before, so I wasn't sure where to go, but we went to a bar/club called Orange Rooms that had 2 for 1 cocktails (one of mine had - get this - dry ice in it! It was ridiculous) and good fun music, so it was a good night!


It closed at 1am, though, so we ended up in an almost empty club when that closed, which was more amusing than anything because everyone else in there was so drunk!
A good night all round, I say.



  1. looks like a fun night, your top is pretty :) Lets see the wedges then! xx

  2. ahhh glad it was a good night. xxxx

  3. Ahaa! I love Orange Rooms!! I go there normally when Im in town. Either there, Aura or Buddha Lounge! :) You look gorgeous xx

  4. I managed to catch up with some of my uni friends over half term too! So exciting!


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