Sunday, 9 October 2011

Recently ... [2]

+ There was a day of great rejoicing in our household (okay, it was just me) when I discovered that Asda have their iced mince pies back!


Now, I know it's only October and I completely don't agree with Christmas things being out until at least after Bonfire Night, but these mince pies are SO FREAKING GOOD that I don't care. The longer they're on the shelves, the more I can eat. This can only be a good thing.
Anyone else LOVE iced mince pies? I don't think they get as much love as they deserve.

+ Rainbow!


I know it's not obvious, but it's there, I promise! It was the first one I'd seen in ages.

+ I was supposed to work five 7am shifts in a row, which I was dreading (I really really hate getting up early. Getting up early to smile and serve tea + coffee to people who've stayed in bed longer than you is even worse), but I wasn't needed for one of the mornings and a colleague wanted to swap today's shift with me, so I'm only having to do 3, thank goodness!

+ My parents have been in Majorca for the past week or so, the lucky things, and my mother sent me a lovely bracelet when they got back.


They're coming down to see me on Wednesday, yay. I'd been planning to go home a lot more now that I'm closer to home and not overwhelmed with university work, but without the funds to do so, it hasn't happened as yet. I should get a proper paycheque this month (ie. actually get paid for the overtime I've worked, rather than just for the 12 hours a week I'm contracted for), so fingers crossed I can resist blowing all of my spare money on clothes, and spend it on visiting home instead.

+ I have an idea for a Halloween costume. It's not particularly 'Halloween-y' (by British standards), but I'm hoping I can pull it off anyway. It's slightly frustrating that in Britain you have to dress up as something creepy and/or stereotypically Halloween-y. I wish we could just dress up as whatever we want. There's only so many times you can dress up as a witch before it just gets boring. What are your Halloween costume plans? I like hearing ideas!


  1. That's a beautiful bracelet.

  2. I am so.. hard to describe my feeling when everyone is posting about Halloween and I can only repeat over and over again that we do not celebrate it here in the Czech republic :s

  3. Oh woah! Full on Single Rainbow all the way, so intense. What does it mean? :P
    (ha Double Rainbow guy never gets old)

    It's your Halloween you can dress as whatever you like, scary or not n_n

    I'm going to be The Doctor- just need a bowtie

  4. Halloween isn't really a big thing in Australia, at least not where I live so I've never get to dress up as anything :( and I agree with nathan, wear whatever you like :)

  5. Im planning on going as 'deadmouse' for halloween haha, guna get the paper mache out! :P Mince pies? grooooose :P

  6. That's interesting, about Britain and Halloween, I never would've guessed that!

  7. Revisiting you from my blog! I read your About me and it pretty much describes me to a T. Moving on... So much to comment on:
    1. I've never had mince pies!
    2. Your bracelet is so cute.
    3. You have to dress scary in Britain for Halloween?! That takes some of the fun out of it.... I don't think I've ever dressed up as something scary in all of my 23 years. This year I might be a mime or Black Swan... haven't decided yet.
    Anyway, I hope you have a great Sunday!

  8. First off - I love that they're called "Iced Mince Pies" Iced sounds so much nicer than frozen!

    I think I would rather like the pressure to look scary instead of skanky like around here! :) I usually go as a dead girl of some kind - dead waitress, dead bride, zombie girl - you get the idea :) Hope you think of something you love!


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