Friday, 16 September 2011

Wish list.

In an attempt to put a more positive spin on my working life, here's what I'm planning on spending my hard earned moneys on come pay day:

Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector.
I used a tester of this when I was in Boots the other day and was genuinely impressed. The colour was really natural looking and gave my skin a nice even tone without looking as if I was wearing any make up. And because it's a moisturiser, my skin felt lovely and soft too. I'm not normally one to buy fad beauty products, but I'm going to give this a try!


The Sketchbook Project
I've read about this in a couple of places around the internet, and I really like the idea of it. I've made two scrapbooks previously and loved doing it, but I've been lacking any motivation to do another. With a deadline and the thought of it being shown to potentially millions of people, it might inspire me to get cracking!


Clarks Boutique Lace shoes.
I saw these when I was looking for a new pair of shoes for work, and fell a little bit in love. I doubt I'll wear them for work (they're too nice to be trampling through kitchens in and having leftovers spilled on them!), but I need them in my life anyway!


I'm excited to be able to buy some pretty dresses and tops from eBay. I love winning things on eBay and then getting fun parcels full of clothing goodies! I might do a charity shop trawl as well. I am so wild.



  1. I would really use some new dresses or tops too! :)

  2. I really liked the few Garnier skin products I've tried - especially for the price. Tinted moisturizers can be so tricky!

    eBay is such a troubling site for my wallet! Just the feeling of "winning" an item is enough to make me want to buy more and more and more!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Ooooh! I totally want to do the sketchbook project! I had a few art school friends get involved with it and it seems like suuuuch an awesome project!

    And ebay can be dangerous... although I did end up with some of my favorite pairs of jeans for a quarter of the price!

  4. oh that sketchbook project sounds really cool :)
    I don't think I'm creative enough to think of something that is interesting enough.

  5. Let me know how that miracle moisturizer works for you, I might get me some too. Lord knows my skin could use a miracle or two!! The shoes are nice also. I don't know much about the sketchbook project. Have a great day.
    Here from comment Love.

  6. Coming in from Comment Love Day.

    I also wait tables, and my shoes have rhinestones on them. Everyone at work makes fun of my shoes but I know they are just jealous of my awesomeness. Where I work we can't have any jewelry on so it's the only bling I have.


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