Monday, 26 September 2011

Hi, I'm Emma and I'm a serial blogomist.

The other day, for whatever reason, I decided to look up a Blogger URL that I really wanted, but was already in use when I tried to use it for my blog address a while ago (when I was making my previous Blogger blog, actually). And you know what I discovered?


Missish blog

It was a blog I made years ago, that I last updated in 2004. As soon as I saw it, I remembered it, and spent a happy hour or so reading through the posts I made on there. It was from the beginning of Year 11, after I'd spent the whole of Year 10 keeping a 'web diary' about the goings on in my life. I stopped doing the web diary but wanted to do something similar, just in more of a relaxed way, so I started that blog. I wasn't a massive fan of it, though, and abandoned it in mid October.

Since I really wanted control of it back, I tried to remember what the log in details for the account would have been. I couldn't. I tried the only two email addresses I could think I might have used when signing up, but neither of them were the right one. BUT. By doing that, I discovered another blog that I'd had and completely forgotten about! This one was from my second year of university and lasted a little longer, although with the posts being more sporadic.

Snafflecake blog

I had zero recollection of having kept this blog, but reading through it made me laugh at some of the memories I'd otherwise have forgotten. And then it made me all nostalgic for second year. But I digress.

Today I had another attempt at gaining access to the blog I really want back. It seemed so sad that it was sitting there on the internet, so close yet out of my reach just because I couldn't remember my damn log in details. Then I had a brainwave.
Back in the day, I used to write down the username and passwords to things I signed up for (I know, I know, you're not supposed to do this, but I never did it with anything 'important'. And I don't do it any more. Which might explain why it sometimes takes me so long to log into things when Chrome kindly forgets my password). Was it possible that I'd written down the log in information for this very blog?

Yes I had! Hallelujah!

With baited breath, I entered the log in information. It worked! It actually worked! Google asked me if I wanted to update the account and add it to a current Google account I might have. Why yes Google, yes I do!

So now my wonderfully old blog has been added to this account. I have control of it again!

I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. What I'd really like to do is use it for me now, since it's the username that has been with me since I was 12 or 13 and is still with me today. But it seems weird to add new posts to a blog that has happily been in hibernation for so long. And I can't just delete those posts, now can I?!
Also, I'm establishing myself here. I'm not sure I'd be able to move to a third blog in the space of a little over a year without losing followers all over again (when I moved from The Little Grey Cells to here, hardly any of my 60-odd followers came with me. Seriously, I was more than a little upset at this). I'd just really really like my blog to be 'me'. Truly me, not a fad name as The Little Grey Cells and I Am the Chaser kind of are. And 'missish' is truly 'me'. Hmm. A quandry indeed. I shall muse on this.



  1. Aw this sounds so sweet - I love feeling nostalgic. I'm only 16 now so I'm planning on writing all my memories on my blog like that. Hey, maybe my blog will end up like yours? I suppose I should write down my details... But if I was you, I understand what you mean about not wanting to delete the old posts and they've been in "hibernation" for so long, so I would just keep it there to view. No new updates. Unless you wanted to have one new post linking it to this blog too?! Bam, all your old followers with you, maybe. I'm sure whatever you decide will be a good idea :)

    Anyway, I love THIS blog of yours which I just found so I'm now following you! :)

  2. Oh how crazy! It's like finding those lost treasures you buried as a kid, it's strange to think how we grew up with the internet and half of those finds are floating around the internet. For me it's my deviant art account. I long ago lost all those files of my attempts of experimental photography and drawing and a few months ago I came across it and was slightly embarrassed how terrible they were considering I was sooooo proud of them when I was 13-16. Haha.

  3. Oh, how cool! And then to find a blog you forgot about! I probably have a few floating around there somewhere. I love reading over old blogs, they are like scrapbooks. Although my really old ones, like the one from middle school, are like really humiliating scrapbooks.

  4. Woooaahhh It's amazing, I have the same feeling when I read back my diaries (no internet when I was that age!!! And I'm not even old!!) Congratulations of finding them back. I saw somewhere you can print out your blog in a book - for safekeeping.
    Hopping from BSN


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