Thursday, 22 September 2011

Emma's eBay Purchases - Part 1

Confession: I am a complete eBay addict.

The moment I have money, I'm on eBay, looking for new (and unnecessary, of course!) clothes to buy. There's something so much fun about buying clothes from eBay! They're so much cheaper than buying instore, for one (I buy quite a lot of Topshop things from eBay, for instance, because as much as I love a lot of their clothes, I refuse to pay the prices they're asking in store). Secondly, there's the fun of seeing how much an item goes for, the triumph of winning, and then of course getting a package in the post!

So I've decided to start a little feature, of sorts, where I post new things I've won on eBay. Because hey, I like to show off my winnings.

I'll start with this Topshop coat that arrived this morning:

1 Topshop coat
Topshop coat. Size 8. 99p + £3.50 P&P.
(excuse the awkward posing - this is exactly why this blog will never be a fashion blog!)

I've been looking for a new autumn/winter coat for a while, because although I already have three, there's still a gap in their usage (one is too 'smart' for just running to the supermarket, one is too short - I don't like having a cold bum! - and the other is a little too big/box-y, so it doesn't quite sit right on me). I was hoping that this coat would fill it.
It kind of does, in that it's quite a versatile coat but it's a little longer than I'd have liked, and it's actually quite tight! I can do it up fine (although, having said that, the buttons are slightly too big for the hole, so it takes a while), but I'm not sure how it'll fare (fair? Hmm) when I've got multiple layers and a scarf under it. I guess we shall see as the weather gets colder.

Coming soon: 2 bags and a dress!



  1. I love the idea of this! eBay is fab :) xxx

  2. Wow that coat is awesome. Can't wait to see your other purchases!

  3. That coat is so cute! I've been searching for a similar style for months, but I haven't quite found one that I like yet. Sad. :(

  4. I have just discovered buying things on ebay. There's 3 dresses on their way to me right now. I am so excited!

  5. that is just darling!! i, too, have an ebay addiction. that's where all five of my raybans came. and my car. and other things as well.

    so addicting!
    xo, lauren [let it be.]


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