Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Weekend recap.

Friday evening

Dan and I went over to my second year housemate Daniel's house for some drinking. I used to spend a lot of time with most of the people who were there (two of them were my housemates, two others used to spend a lot of time in said house), but have barely seen them over the past academic year, despite most of us being around Brighton for the whole time.

Collage - drinking

We listened to nostalgic music (that we could remember), discussed nostalgic events, and laughed at old in-jokes. And now I've no idea if I'll see any of them again, which makes the whole night a little bittersweet. I left some vodka there, too, so sad times all around.


We woke up to the sound of much tidying going on downstairs, and went down to discover that Rich (our other housemate) had his parents there, and that they were all packing up Rich's stuff and moving it to his new flat. Which is fair enough, since our tenancy ends on Thursday, and Rich works during the week. BUT: most of the stuff in our house was Rich's - the sofas, the kitchen table and chairs, the toaster and microwave etc. So they were taking all of this stuff without having told us these things would be going. They even took the bloody cutlery
Dan and I decided to go to town and have lunch in Wetherspoons (not as if we could eat in our own house, having no implements to eat or cook with), then go on a search for some cutlery. We ended up just buying a knife and fork from a bits and pieces shop on Lewes Road.
We came home briefly, then went onto campus so I could print out some CVs. We half broke into the library (it was supposed to be shut, but one of the doors was ajar, so we sneaked in and used the stapler), then called security about the couple of people who clearly weren't supposed to be in there. That was our good deed for the day.
Rich, Amanda and his parents weren't there by the time we got back, so we made food then hid on our floor. Sometimes having a three floor house has its advantages.


Dan's nan came down in the morning, and we loaded up her car with as much stuff as we could (my wardrobe and desk, Dan's wardrobe thing), then headed down to Southampton. We went into town so I could hand out some CVs to shops, and managed to do so in a couple of places. There weren't anywhere near as many places with shop assistant vacancies as there are in Brighton, so that was a bit of a bummer. C'est la vie. I shall continue hunting.

On Monday we did a spot of flat hunting, but I'll save that for another post. This one is quite long enough!

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