Saturday, 18 June 2011


Since I'm back in Cardiff for a few days, my parents and I decided to do that age-old tradition (well, not quite that old. In fact, I may have made it up that it's a tradition. We've done it maybe three or four times previously, anyway) of going to Ikea for breakfast. If you have a Family Card, you can get a 6 item breakfast, as well as unlimited tea or coffee, for 99p. NINETY-NINE PENCE. I call that a bargain.

Since I take after my mother (a bit too much? Who knows) and love a bargain, I decided that I had to have my own Family Card so that Dan and I can go and have breakfast in Ikea in Southampton for super cheap. And have lunch there super cheap as well because, let's be honest, their meatballs in sauce and fries are definitely up there in Emma's Favourite Meals of All Time. 

It also gives me an excuse to go to Ikea. It may be half deceptive showroom and half warehouse, but it makes me want my own house so I can decorate it to my hearts' content. As excited as I am to be moving in with Dan (not that I don't already live with him, but we weren't a couple when we started living together, so it doesn't fully count. Plus we live with a housemate - and his American girlfriend who basically now lives in our house too - which makes it count even less), I'm just excited about having somewhere I can put my own stamp on. I really dislike our current house*, and I'm looking forward to getting out of it and moving into somewhere that Dan and I can make our own.
Of course, first of all we have to actually find somewhere to move into. Hopefully we'll get started on that next week. And then I can go to Ikea and buy lots of pictures frames and artificial flowers and cushions and glasses and ... many other things that I can't actually afford until I have a job. Damnit.

*It really isn't all that bad. I just hate the size of the kitchen, the lack of counter space in said kitchen, how small the lounge is, the fact that my bedroom is on the third floor, the fact that my bedroom is on a different room to the bathroom, and that the house NEVER EVER seems clean. Ever.


  1. What an absolute bargain! I want to get me one of those cards
    I love Ikea, I think it's awesome that they have tags on all the stuff in the canteen

  2. I love a little trip to Ikea! decorating a place is almost more fun than clothes shopping I find.. although I still get that deceptive feeling of my place never quite living up to beautiful magazine interiors! x


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