Thursday, 23 June 2011

Packing up.

Collage - Brighton

A week today I'll be moving out of my house in Brighton, which means I'll be moving out of Brighton for good. Having lived here for 3 years (with a year in Colorado thrown in the middle for good measure), I don't actually feel all that sad that my time here is coming to a close. Maybe it's the fact that I'm glad to be leaving this house (although with the sun streaming through the window, it almost looks friendly), or maybe it's because the whole town isn't the same without bumping into people I know everywhere I go.

I've had some fun times this year, but on the whole the experience of being at university without half the people that made my university experience so much fun for the first 2 years (particularly the second year. I think the second year will always go down as one of my favourite years - albeit academic rather than calendar - of my life), it just hasn't lived up to those times. It wasn't even the amount of work. Sure, there was a lot, but there were very few moments that I felt there was too much. If I did, I knew it was my own fault for letting it get to that stage. I think it's more that I've come to the realisation that no matter how much you love a place, it's what you make of it. And without a lot of the people that once helped you make it, it's not really the same place.

So I'm packing up my stuff (and I have a LOT of stuff ... I've realised I can never move back to Cardiff because I already have a room's worth of stuff there, and I also have a room's worth of stuff here. I have two rooms. One is just currently a travelling room. The other is a permanent exhibition that is slowly becoming more like a museum) with a feeling of nostalgia, but not really sadness. I have no idea what I'm going to be doing this time next year (I have my hopes, but I'm trying not to get too hopeful), but I'm excited to find out!


  1. I know exactly how you feel, just a slightly different situation! I recently moved back to my hometown of Bournemouth after living in London for a year and NOW I'm going out my mind; it's all so different - my friends are packed up and it's just so SMALL. Gotta get back to the big city!

    Hope the moving goes smoothly! x

  2. Moving is sometimes one of the best (although equally stressful) experiences! I hope all of the packing goes well and you are happy in your new home :-) xx


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