Thursday, 16 June 2011

Another blog?

In my several years on the internet, I've started many many blogs. Some of them no longer exist (my Highlighter Stars and my Snafflecake ones, for instance), and some of them I've just given up on (more than I care to count, but most recently: The Little Grey Cells)

In any case, here I am again. I've just finished university, but I've not officially graduated yet. I'm in limbo. What better time to start a new blog? Watching myself get out of limbo should be a half decent experience to blog about.
In my attempts to get out of limbo, I will be doing some or all of the following:
- Moving away from Brighton
- Moving in with my boyfriend (his name is Dan. I imagine his name will come up on a frequentish basis) in Southampton
- Finding myself a half decent job.
- Waiting to find out if I have a job I applied for 6 months ago.

No more blogging about things and in a way I don't want to, just to try and get some more followers (in fact, I've turned off the followers gadget thingy. Less pressure). Blogging should be self-indulgent. Let's see how this goes, shall we?


  1. Hoyay. This is almost as good as McFly slash. bahaha

  2. Love it! The follower this is nice so I can have this page bookmarked in my blog list, but I totally understand where your coming from :)

    Hope you get that job & happy moving!

  3. So I see that you turned the 'Follower' gadget thingy back on...

    I try not to care about followers, and write for me, but I find it hard to. I'm always on advertising my site, and practically begging Facebook 'friends' to check out my site (which is fairly unsuccessful).

    I mean, if you can't get your 'friends' and family to read it, how can I get others to read it? But overall, I hope I find a balance.

    Anyway, good luck with the blog.


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