Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Not Bonfire Night.

I absolutely LOVE Bonfire Night. I adore fireworks, and the night's fireworks are usually accompanied by getting to wrap up warm in hats and scarves and gloves, wave around sparklers then drink hot chocolate afterwards. When I was younger - before I gallivanted off to university - my parents, grandparents and I used to hold Bonfire Night family parties at our house. We would buy a few boxes of fireworks and sparklers and set them off in our back garden. It was always such a fun night, with all of us "ooh"-ing and "ah"-ing over the (usually quite unimpressive!) fireworks. The 'traffic light' ones were always a particular favourite.

But this year, not only was I not in Cardiff to take part in these festivities, but I was working on Saturday night. So, no fireworks for Emma!
In an attempt to cheer myself up about this, here are some photos of fireworks that I've taken in recent years:

(this last photo is one of my favourite photos of all time).


  1. Beautiful photos I LOVE the disney ones and the sparklers one! Bad times about having to work, the bad thing about nonfire night is you can't really hold it on any other day, people get a bit freaked out by fireworks not on fireworks night (does that even make sense?!) xxxxx

  2. I'd never heard of Bonfire night before. It sounds like a lovely little celebration. In Utah it's often so dry that we can't have fireworks and when they are allowed it's only for a 6 day period sandwiching the 4th of July. The world needs more sparklers and bottle rockets :)

  3. The last one is pretty special :) I'm terrible at taking photos of fireworks! Shame you didn't get to enjoy this year.. I only saw a few over London! xo

  4. I'm a new follower from Wonder Forest's blog! I can't wait to read more.

  5. I. Love. Disney. I've already dragged my boyfriend down to Disneyland THREE times this year! I love the photos!

    Found you through Wonder Forest. Nice to meet you!

  6. Is Bonfire night a bit like July 4th in the states? Or does it have anything to do with Guy Fawkes day?

    Those pictures are beautiful! how did you take those? I can never get any good pics of fireworks! And the last one of Disney land? Could be published! Amazing.



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