Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Hmm, it seems I've been on an unscheduled blogging hiatus. This is mainly due to the fact that I'm in Cardiff without my own beautiful laptop. Which means I'm having to use my mother's 17" laptop. It's an actual beast. I thought the idea of laptops was that they were portable? Anyway. I suppose you might like to hear why it is I'm in Cardiff without my own beautiful laptop.

(warning: this story is quite unglamorous and a little bit gross)

Basically, I had a toenail removed. I'd had an ingrown toenail for ages, and was supposed to have part of it removed today, but it got infected and no amount of medication would clear it up (I told you it was an unglamorous story, didn't I), despite said medication making me feel nauseous and appetite-less and not allowing me to have alcohol while I was on it (which made the staff party rather dull, I must say).

Last week I came back for one appointment, expecting to be given some more medication then sent on my way again (hence not bringing my laptop with me). But instead the doctor sent me to the hospital, thinking I'd be given an IV drip of LOADS OF INFECTION BUSTING DRUGS so that the toenail surgery could go ahead. The nurses and doctor at the hospital, however, just looked at it and went, "Yeah, we're taking that whole thing off."

I was shoved into a private room, my toe was numbed and then a horribly silent doctor proceeded to pull my toenail off. Thankfully it didn't hurt (well, until the anesthetic wore off before the painkillers had kicked in. That wasn't so great). It did feel awfully strange, though, so I'm hoping to never have to repeat that situation again.

However, it wasn't quite as simple as that. Because my body is super awesome and had tried to heal itself, it had over compensated and given me some extra skin on the side of the nail bed. So now I have to go back to the doctors every couple of days for them to drown said bit of skin in silver nitrate to try and chemically burn it off. LOVELY STUFF. This is obviously quite painful and means I can't walk very well for a good few hours afterwards.

So I've been off work for a week, and have another week off. Which is quite pleasant, really, because it means I get to be at home with my parents for longer than I've been home in AGES. The whole going to the doctors every other day thing is getting quite boring now though. The receptionists know my name, for heaven's sake.


  1. Ah that sounds awful :( hope you feel much better soon! xxx

  2. Umm that is quite gross, but you know it happens! :) Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Argh sounds horrible! I hope you get better soon! xxxx

  4. Oh hope you are healing well and starting to feel better soon..

    and I've been without my laptop this week as well and I know how bad it sucks!!

    Also wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award.. details on my blog www.myveryownhappyending.blogspot.com


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